IPRAT proposes a single way to channel your product registration and intellectual property protection, along with translation requirements associated with them, using our expert professional network throughout Latin America.

IPRAT is driven by the intention of finding the simplest and more efficient way for product approval and protection of intangible assets in Latin American region.

We offer a single channel to handle both your product registration and your intellectual property protection.

We provide quality expert advice regarding:

  • Registration requirements and procedures of medical and pharmaceutical products.
  • Certified translations for all your business needs.
  • The best possible legal protection in every country in Latin America.

IPRAT consists of a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in the region, working coordinately.

Our solidly assembled network of partners across the region, the distinguished expertise of our staff, personalized attention and quick response to each query, allows us to achieve optimum appreciation of customer´s needs, reaching quick, effective and suitable solutions.

  • Pharmaceuticals, medics and medical advisors.

  • Layers, trademark experts and legal consultants.

  • Translators, graphic designers and technical personnel.